This is a Catholic Intercessory Prayer Initiative.  Others are welcome to come along side us to pray.  The need for prayer is great at this time.  There is a tremendous amount of prayer power in the Catholic Church yet to be tapped and unleashed.  

There are many other prayer movements going on in the Catholic Church, and in other churches as well. May this movement compliment the many prayers that are already going on. The more, the better.


We are asking individuals to commit to pray at a particular hour of the day, every week. For instance, if someone commits to pray Monday morning from 7am to 8am, they will pray every Monday morning at that time, until they give notice other wise.
This hour can be an hour in which a person is already praying, such as a time one has committed to pray at their parish in front of the Blessed Sacrament. (They can certainly pray at other places also.)
The goal is to have the needs of New Mexico, including the Church here, prayed for every single hour of the year. There are other needs that will be prayed for as well, as you will soon see.
The person praying will pray for the list of intentions of this initiative, but they also can pray for other intentions, as the Spirit leads, or as their experience informs them. It is not necessary to pray for the intentions word for word.

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