1. PRAY FOR THE CATHOLIC CHURCHES, DIOCESES, CONVENTS, MONASTERIES AND SCHOOLS - that they will survive the financial trials at this time.  Pray that they will continue to be life-giving, life-changing and culture changing.  Pray that we support our clergy, and that they know we love them and care about them.  (Pray that other churches will be faithful to the Gospel, and that we can work with them, where appropriate, for God's purposes, such as the life issues.)
2. PRAY THAT THE COVID-9 VIRUS WILL SOON BE GONE,  OR AT LEAST, BE PROPERLY MANAGED. Pray for remedies that already exist, whether pharmaceutical or alternative, to be accepted, allowed, and effective against this virus. Pray that there will not be mandatory vaccinations if those vaccinations are ultimately harmful. Pray that this virus will not become a political tool to manipulate people, businesses or politics. Pray that that the delicate balance between 1) protecting people's health, 2) protecting the economy, and 3) protecting us from a heavy-handed government will be achieved. (All are real in this complex situation, and all must be considered.) Pray that the Covid virus will be dealt with to cause the least harm to lives, businesses, the economy, and the elections. Pray that there is no dishonesty in reporting this illness.  Pray for our governor to make the right, albeit difficult, decisions on how to deal with the virus, and yet truly and permanently help the economy. If we need to go through this so that it won't reoccur in a devastating way, may she have the courage and integrity to implement that decision and open up schools and the economy.  Pray that the governor will understand what is an acceptable level of occurrence when all things are considered.
3. PRAY FOR THE UPCOMING ELECTIONS, that those who the Lord has called will win, and that those who are elected are faithful to the Lord. The US Conference of Catholic Bishops has identified Abortion/Pro Life as the "preeminent" issue in this election. Pray for Pro Life leadership to be strong and effective and uncompromising, and elected. Pray that our priests and other religious leaders will line up in words and actions with the Pro Life/anti abortion priority of our bishops.  Pray that New Mexico Church leaders and workers will properly prioritize what issues are most important, and will lead based upon that.
5. PRAY FOR RAIN. (The Scriptures indicate that sometimes nature rebels when man rebels. The correlation is not 100%, but Biblically speaking, sin and rebellion are a factor.)
6. PRAY FOR THE POOR, to find meaningful work, if they are able to work. Pray that their needs are met. Pray that their will be job training and helpful assistance to help people to have a better life. (Pray that those who are able to work will seek the Lord to give them meaningful work.)
7. PRAY FOR THE ECONOMY, that it will become strong again. Pray for all those who should be working, but are choosing not to because they are being paid not to work.
8. PRAY FOR THE YOUTH, that they meet the Lord, and learn that they are special, and that God has a unique plan and purpose for each one.
9. PRAY FOR THE CURRENT CIVIL UNREST AND THE RIOTS. Pray for protection for the poor, the shop-owners, and the police. Pray that justice will be done with regard to both the people who have been hurt and oppressed, and for those who are vandalizing, terrorrizing, and stealing. Pray that the poor will truly have ways to climb out of their poverty. Pray that discrimination will cease. Pray that all evil agendas are put down. Pray for policies that support order and respect for the Law.  Pray for enforcement of those policies.
10. PRAY THAT THE GOVERNMENT WILL RESPOND PROPERLY in its financial help during the Covid crisis and the riots. Pray that the value of the dollar will not collapse and hurt many people.

Comments on the above pictures:
1. Jesus is Praying - If Jesus needed to pray, we surely need to pray.  (Jesus prayed often.  He prayed before major decisions or events.  He prayed in order to rest with his Father.  He made it a priority to get away and pray and be with his Father.)
2. Moses Praying - Raised hands are a posture of prayer.  As long as Moses raised his hands, the Israelites won the battle.  When he was tired and lowered his hands, they would lose the battle.  Aaron and Hur came alongside of Moses and helped him to keep his hands raised.  They prayed and helped Moses to pray.  Because of their help, Israel won the battle.  In a like fashion, we need to support our church leaders and political leaders with prayer, fasting, and kind and encouraging words.  (cf. Ex 17:12-14)